Criminal justice system

JUSTICE is concerned to protect the high quality of criminal justice in the UK and the principle of fair trial. We believe that trial by jury is an integral safeguard for fairness in our system, and have been robust in defending the right to trial by jury in serious fraud cases and for ‘either way’ offences.

We have expressed our concerns regarding developments such as the use of anonymous witnesses, and the use of civil orders to bypass the guarantees of the criminal justice system.

We recently intervened in the Scottish case of Cadder to assert the right to legal representation at the police station and are now working to assist the implementation of that judgment. Before the establishment of the independent Criminal Cases Review Commission, a development for which we had long argued, we took on cases of miscarriage of justice. While we no longer do casework, we maintain an interest in ensuring that miscarriages of justice can be rectified and are properly compensated.

Criminal appeals

JUSTICE publishes How to Appeal, a popular and access guide to the criminal appeals system. Available for free for prisoners and their families.